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Caitlin O'Brien


Marketing Coordinator

Currently working as the Marketing Coordinator for the Multicultural Art Center in East Cambridge, MA. I promote the Arts Center and its events using print and social media. In addition, I create the...
Emily Ballas

New York

Freelance Graphic Designer

Although much of my career has been designing everything from brochures, logos, and posters to invitations, flyers, and advertisements in industries ranging from fashion, culture, education, sports/...
Keith P. Rein

Fort Collins


Keith P Rein is an American artist born in New York to a family of 5 and attended art school at the University of Georgia where he received a BFA in 2006 with a focus in photography. Here he combined...
Bojan Kanlic



am industrial designer associated with a bit of philosophy with a degree in product design. I have a highly expressed conceptual skills but also technical skills and maquette model making ability....
Yuliya Osyka


Illustrator/ Motion Designer

I am an illustrator, motion designer, and a painter living and working in Chicago.
Sebastian Kaupert


Creative Director

Design Leader, Writer, Educator, Advisor, Coach, Runner I write and design for unknown destinations and unintended consequences. I consider what we don't know. I'm comfortable with uncertainty. I...