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Bojan Gagic


multimedia artist

Bojan Gagic is a multimedia artist working internationally in the sphere of sound art and field recordings. Parallelly to working as a technical director for theatre, film and music festivals. His...


Electronic Music MA

electronic music composer
Lesley Ann Fogle


Audio Engineer, Vocal Artist

I will have to fill this in after looking around a bit.
John Vlastaris


Sound Designer

An Eclectic artist, producer and music label owner John Ov3rblast is on a mission to deliver Deep Soundscapes For The Mind And The Soul. As the Founder...
Ognjen Savija


guitar player, musician, composer, producer, sound designer, art performing artist, multimedia artist & DJ

Ognjen Ĺ avija: Member of Cultural Association Ambrosia. Guitar player, musician, composer, producer, sound designer, art performance artist, multimedia artist...
Eugenio Petrarca


Sound Designer

Acratep is the moniker of artist Eugenio Petrarca, created for performance solo and with collaborators. Member and co-founder of the ambient project Ab uno, Acratep compositions are spontaneous...