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Ed Casmier



Hello. I am a writer. I write everything that encompasses fiction and have had articles published in publications. I am aslo a voice over artists. I have been told I have a radio voice. I can also do...


Creative Thinker Seeking Niche

My ambition is to manifest a bright future through a career that utilizes my intelligence and develops my creativity. With an eye for detail and a collaborative spirit, I seek experience in a...
Kimberly Currin



I long to join a team of creative minds and hard workers to exceed expectations together. I am a natural at jumping in, keeping my ears open and my eyes focused. Coordinating the logistics...
Laura Montañés Mondragón


Art Consultant

Interested in the advisory, management and promotion of art collections, art as an investment and roles that involve travelling and direct contact with clients.
Lintu Libertine



Obsession of objects, perfect illusion and universal love forming the matrix of fake realities created through whatever media. Flexible and tough soul like gum or proper toffee.
Levitt Karyn

New York City

Arts Editor/Writer

Experienced writer/editor with considerable knowledge of opera, theater, classical music, and a strong background in the performing arts. Mastery of editing (all levels). Distilling and translating...