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Anna-Tia Buss



Anna-Tia Buss was born in 1993 in Switzerland and is currently living there. After completing her high school in New York, she graduated from the Vevey school of applied arts (CEPV) and obtained the Swiss Federal Capacity Diploma for photography (CFC).
At the moment, she is obtaining a Visual communication, Camera Arts Bachelor in Luzern. Anna-Tia has attended one semester in photojournalism at DMJX in Aarhus Denmark for her Erasmus program. In her artistic approach, Anna-Tia integrates her own experience of living and traveling in different countries. She explores the theme of identity from different angles. In her work, she questions the feeling of belonging as well as womanhood in our society. Interested in playing with the boundaries between documentary and staged imagery Anna-Tia also includes a collaborative touch in her work. Anna-Tia is a member of the Swiss photographer association Near.
Iulian Virtopeanu


Visual Artist

Hi! I am a visual artist from Romania and I am interested in participating in projects in the following areas ceramic contempory art , object design, painting, photography...
Ludovic Coutinho



Ludovic Coutinho was born in 1987 in the south of France, to a Portuguese father and a Reunionese mother. He currently resides on Reunion Island where he spent most of his adolescence and made his first contacts with the field of Art.
There he met Véronique Coignac, then a teacher of Plastic Arts at the Lycée, who allowed him to showcase his painting skills and begin to theorize a cathartic practice. When he reached the age of majority, he turned to university studies, leaving Reunion Island. He studied Fine Arts at the University ofToulouse and Art History in Lyon. This student period is an opportunity for him to experiment with different lifestyles and thoughts, and to try out different media (photography, video, sound). Gradually, Ludovic Coutinho abandoned university learning as "professorial". He isolates himself for a year, reclusive in an old canut apartment at the Croix Rousse in Lyon, where he chooses to paint on cardboard and only goes out to satisfy his hunger. At the end of this period, having neither diploma nor professional experience, Ludovic Coutinho took note of returning to an island life on Reunion Island with the objective of following in the footsteps of his father, a former parachutist and navy commando. He joined the navy as a volunteer for a year, trained for a certificate as a Cultural and Sports Animator, then turned towards specialized education for a public concerned with child protection. In 2017, he participated in the exhibition "DADACLUBONLINE" at the Galerie Charlot in Paris where he presented areinterpretation of the Dadaist movement. At the same time, he concretized a personal project, that of opening his fashion photography company. At the beginning of 2019, after several creative setbacks, Ludovic Coutinho put hisphotography company out of business to refocus on his plastic practice, adding an additional medium to his production range: video-performance. His artistic approach, inspired by the life of Francis Bacon, the readymade of Marcel Duchamp, the Dadaist and Surrealist manifestos, Viennese actionism, the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky or the art of performance by Gina Pane,Marina Abramovic and Chris Burden, is based on a questioning of the permanence of memory, on the imbalance of thought by bringing into play an internal / external dialectic, or more recently on in-situ physical actions.
Britta Fluevog


Radical Weaver

Britta Fluevog is a third-generation artist; her grandmother was a printmaker, her mother is an art therapist/ mixed media artist, and her father is a designer.
Fluevog’s Master of Fine Art was completed at Emily Carr University in 2015.I n 2007, Fluevog received her Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Fine Art from NSCAD University. Upon graduation of her BFA, she established a small ceramic co-op in Ghana, West Africa. Britta Fluevog’s work brings a strong aesthetic and material based practice into the realm of social justice. She use weaving, ceramics, performativity and process as manifestations to expand the discourses of textiles and political art. Local, industrial, and indigenous materials are explored within her work in relationship to their places of origin and the connotations they carry. Organic shapes, texture, and a plethora of details in the work allow meandering investigations by the viewer and creates art that continually changes. Touch, texture and the handmade are explored in relationship to the maker and the performance of making. Strong aesthetic and decorative elements in the work are employed to subvert traditional occidental devaluation of these elements particularly in relation to craft materials and women’s work. Through the lens of social justice and intersectionality, Fluevog’s work investigates borders, refugees, globalism and colonization in relation to textiles and makers. She uses the relationship of textiles to social justice to create a working method in which to start her material explorations. Through connection to materials and ancient practices, Fluevog aim to challenge global hegemonic capitalism, championing the value of makers.
Marina Aizome



I am a neurobiologist, and my creative journey brought me from science to art.
I started to study butoh dance ( japanese dancetheater) and perform, my fascination for asian phylosophy, bodywisdom and how our subconsious is connected to the body extended from dancing to painting with japanese ink. I continue to discover
Marco Trevisani



Architect, designer, visual artist and musician, all this connected by computer programming and algorithm,