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Andrey Chibisoff


motion grapher




Miao was born in Southeast China in 1991. She started her professional art career during her gap year in Germany in which she obtained painting training.
Afterwards, she spent six months in London studying art masterpieces.  During her years in Shanghai, the vibrant and diverse artist scene of the city allowed her for the first time to present her work on larger group shows and exchange with many other international artists. Besides, she got in touch with the local graffiti artist scene, giving her freedom and the possibility to walk new paths. Currently, she is living in the Netherlands, where she has been further developing her art career.



My name is Gala, motion graphic artist based in Barcelona/Reus . I love to combine the Photography and Art with motion graphics and thus create something that looks alive, great but also unique.
Feeling the movement as an universal language and the song of our bodies. I work cinemagraphs, still photo in motion, Gif Art for paintings, morphs, parallax 2.5D and 3D portraits.


Artist @ Art by Willemijn

Yana Kasminskaya


Artist and Desinger

Hello! My name is Yana, I'm an American artist from New York and I have a BFA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently live in Berlin Germany but I'm willing to relocate. I speak English, Russian natively.
I've been very interested in Japanese language and culture for a long time so I can also communicate comfortably in Japanese. I also have basic knowledge of French and German. Thanks for reading! I'm a passionate intercultural and creative individual with a blend of teaching, artistic media and administrative experience. At the moment, my work is freelance focused on making customized media for clients such as business cards, posters for promotional, and specific illustration/craft commissions. Thanks for reading!
Maureen Bachaus



Multidisciplinary artist & artistic director Museum Romeinse Katakomben
Ana Nobre


Multimedia Artist

Multimedia Artist, she has been exhibiting and performing regularly since 2005.
Co-founder (2013) and current artistic director of the Atalaia Artes Performativas project (Ourique, Almodôvar, Aljustrel). PHD in Multimedia, by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (2016), with the dissertation From the Abysm to the Open — Photography, Performance and Supreme Plenitude, under the orientation of Prof. Maria João Gamito, with a grant from Science and Technology Portuguese Foundation. Master in Art and Multimedia, Specialization in Installation and Performance, with the dissertation O Abysm: The Photographic Act as Performance (2010), with the same orientation and by the same institution. Graduated in Communication Design (five academic years), by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (2008). Erasmus scholarship holder at the Accademia Arbertina de Belli Arti di Torino, Italy (2006).
Stas Leontev



My career started in print through illustration and graphic design. I quickly became the product art director at YotaPhone—the most successful mobile start-up in Russia, and the design director at More, a department of BBDO—one of the top 10 advertising agencies in the world.
At the moment, I’m working as a UIUX product lead designer on a social trading platform at Exness, in Cyprus. In total, I have over 12 years of design experience. Portfolio and cv: