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Adversiting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Digital Art, Performing Arts
Styling, Interior Design, Illustration and more ...


Sunshine Divis


Programs Manger

I have 15 years experience in Architectural Photography for Promotional and Editorial use. I have 5 years of Non-Profit Gallery coordination and management experience coordination 700+ artists a year...
Gabrielle Graves

Snowmass Village


Gabrielle Graves is a Michigander at heart who grew up in the small town of Marshall, MI and has always felt most comfortable when covered in paint. She received her B.A. in Psychology with a minor...
Julie Grahame

New York

curator editor consultant

Versatile photography professional with 25 years’ experience. Practiced in editing, curating, licensing, selling, writing, and using social media to promote photography, looking to use skills in...
Mac Star McCusker


Professor of Ceramics

Ceramic artist in Asheville, NC. Figure Sculptor and Ceramics Instructor. My work provides social commentary about political and social issues surrounding the LGBTQIA community. MFA from Georgia...
Ashley Comer

Brooklyn NY

Photo Editor

Photographer, graphic artist, and educator. My work plays with ambiguity in order to heighten narrative qualities and tell meaningful stories. I’ve exhibited across the USA and Europe and have...
Michael P. Amato



I am a fine art photographer, emerging artist, and recent graduate of the University of Connecticut. Much of my work carries a central theme of paranoia; regarding my concern with the advancement of...
Felix Flecha


Graphic Designer

Known art was my passion from a young age of eight. Every artwork has been inspired by a personal time in my life that I went through. Moved by the ability to connect my audience through the only...
Alexandria Benford

New York


Hello, My name is Alexandria Benford and I am a young artist in the city looking to be involved in a more creative role. As a Baltimore native, I have years of acting experience and professional...