Country: Indonesia
City: Jakarta
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist

- About -

Priyanka was born in Kanpur, North India on 10th June 1981. Her career spans multiple industries; over the years she has worked as an award winning art director, a business manager to some of the biggest Bollywood stars and lately as a digital entrepreneur. Her love for art is as old as her and started when her father gifted her a cool box of crayons. Even though Priyanka spent her last 16 years building a corporate career, her love for color and canvas never really left and rekindled when she moved to wonderful Indonesia a year and half back. Priyanka spent her formative years in Mumbai which is also called the “Maximum City” known for celebrating its extremes with much aplomb. Living in Mumbai meant intense exposure to a multitude of people with extremely varied backgrounds, different mindsets and over the top emotions. Priyanka was always a keen observer of dualities of the inner soul and the outer expression. When Priyanka moved to Jakarta she picked the canvas to showcase and celebrate the emotions she had witnessed in people around her in the past or she witnesses in her every day life here in Jakarta.